What are the unique ice cream creations in Europe?

Ice cream is a global treat and Europe is no exception. In fact, major cities in every European country have created something truly unique with this treat.

Instead of taking it straight out of the plastic box, they took the ice cream an extra step, but never more expensive.

1. Rome: Come Il Latte

The city is simply huge and there are so many glaciers that you can potentially see a lot in your lifetime, especially if you only stay a day or two. There are those who, and most are, are simply not exceptional.

There are some that are a little more upscale, but this place – Come il Latte – is a unique ice cream parlor. The pistachio ice cream they offer is a game changer; with the pastries they stick on top, you can dip the whole thing in melted chocolate or caramel.

2. Budapest: Gelarto Rosa

The name says so and the ice cream pieces are really shaped like the petals of the flower and after assembly it really looks like a rose in the ice cream substance. It is really beautiful in its design and presentation.

But is it as good as it looks? Absolutely delicious, so much so that you start to regret eating it. The largest cone with four possible flavors is realistic. Take a photo before eating the rose. However, don’t be tempted to smell it.

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3. Bratislava: Kuon

In every city around the world, there is an inexplicable truth on the streets: if there is a queue, it must be a good one. This ice cream parlor in Bratislava, Slovakia always has lines, all day, every day. Maybe you only have to wait in line if you’re first in line.

With different settings and different flavors, each cup is a model of its own. Not to mention the taste is perfectly delicious. That’s because the owner studied at the Gelato Academy in Italy and learned the steps and tricks of making spectacular gelato.

4. London: Chin Chin Labs

Liquid nitrogen is used to further freeze your gelato. This is the very essence of the store’s existence, truly innovative and creative. Imagine a hot day in London and your ice cream hasn’t melted for a single moment in the last few minutes.

However, the ice cream parlor does not have much list on the menu, but for some reason that is good for every customer. They take ingredient selection seriously and create perfect tasting ice cream.

5. Magnificent: Fennochio

This store is not only the most famous ice cream parlor in Nice, but also an institution. It has been serving sweet treats since 1966 and this solid experience allows it to offer a list of ice cream flavors for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest.

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You have the choice between more than a hundred flavors, offered in cups or cones, depending on your preference. With so much choice on the menu, you can expect the usual simple flavors and sometimes unusual flavors like cactus and lavender.

6. Milan: Cioccolati Italiani

Indulgence in sight and even more in taste. This is another one of those ice creams you regret eating. But when you do, it tastes even better than it looks.

In a city known worldwide as a city of fashion, this Milanese ice cream parlor is not only a pleasure for the eyes, it is also exceptionally good for the mouth.

7. Porto: Amorefrato

Portugal not only makes expeditions, it also makes creations. This store on Rua Passos Manuel may have a short menu. However, if you are a frequent visitor, you will find that the menu changes as often as you visit.

They also, at one time, had a flavor made from the local port, a gentle break from the simple flavors common to all the stores. The price of a spoon may be a little higher than others, but the carelessness doesn’t show in the cup you hold in your hand.

8. Malta: SottoZero

On a beautiful little island, this shop is ironic; the balls are large and they have a good selection of flavors to choose from. They even offer dairy-free, lactose-free and sugar-free versions for the most demanding customers.

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As the island is small, you are never far away to walk or cycle to this store and try the more exotic flavors like the ice cream of the Maltese treat called Helwa Tat-Tork. The scoops only cost a euro and a half, try one.

Visit Les Gourmandises for more information.

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