Whether it’s McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC or Domino’s, they all need great designs for their packaging. Part of the fun of eating a good burger or meal is the thrill of holding something in your hand that looks good before you even open the can and eat it.

The same goes for all the packaging you see at your local grocery store. Manufacturers are generally not the ones who create the look of their product, although they of course have the final say.

Food manufacturers hire agencies to design their packaging. These companies are designers of food brands and packaging.

Packaging for fast food and fast food

These agencies specialize in the design of quality food packaging. Indeed, before tasting food, consumers must first see it and (in grocery stores) hold it in their hands before purchasing and consuming it.

If the packaging is not beautiful, it will not be purchased and consumed. Companies spend millions and millions of dollars every year designing and redesigning their packaging. They often change their packaging several times within a few years. They follow trends but also make sure their packaging is different from unbranded competitors. These competitors often (closely) imitate the packaging of their branded “parents” because this increases their chances of being purchased.

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