The fast food chain is running out of milkshakes and bottled drinks across its 1,250 UK outlets after being hit by supply chain shortages.

McDonald’s was unable to give a time frame for when its famous milkshakes would return to the menu, but only said it was working to bring them back « as soon as possible. »

The fast food chain has sold out of milkshakes and bottled drinks across its 1,250 UK outlets after being hit by supply chain shortages.

A spokesperson for the retailer told The Independent: “We are currently experiencing supply chain issues which are impacting the availability of a small number of products. Bottled drinks and milkshakes are temporarily unavailable in restaurants in England, Scotland and Wales.

“We apologize for this inconvenience and thank our customers for their patience. We are working hard to get these items back on the menu as soon as possible. »

Dairy giant Arla confirmed to The Independent yesterday that it had been asked to stop supplying milkshake mixes to McDonald’s, after the fast food restaurant had to prioritize other items on its menu for delivery .
An Arla spokesperson said: “We are working closely with McDonald’s to ensure we support them as they navigate the supply chain issues facing retailers across the UK.

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“We can confirm that we have been asked to temporarily suspend our UK production of McDonald’s milkshake mix while McDonald’s seeks to ensure supply of its entire menu.

mcdo milkshake
McDonald’s P’tits Milkshakes are made with organic milk

“We are ready to support McDonald’s as soon as milkshakes return to the menu.”

Devoted fans of the restaurant chain have been devastated by the milkshake shortage.

One customer said on social media on Monday: “Just went to McDonald’s – they don’t have milkshakes and the soft drinks ‘might be flat’. What is happening ? ! »
A disappointed fan shared an image of her attempted order online, with ‘sold out’ displayed next to each milkshake flavor.

The product shortage was caused by a lack of truck drivers and lack of space in transport vehicles.

In an updated statement, the chain said it was « working hard » to limit the impact of the supply chain crisis on deliveries and customers and had removed some items from its menus for the time being. .

A spokesperson for the company said: « As we have reported, there are a number of issues impacting retailers in the UK at the moment, one of them being the national shortage of heavy goods vehicle drivers. »

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