Mcdo calorie chart

How many calories in a McDonald’s hamburger

burger calorie (kcal)
Big Mac 503
mcchicken 444
280 original 778
big tasty 828
chicken big tasty 838
cbo 660
filet-o-fish 331
mcfish 283
hamburger 253
cheeseburger 302
doublecheese 443
tripcheeseburger 590
tripcheesburger bacon 630
box of 20 chicken mcnuggets 893
goat sharing box 1032
chicken mcnuggets 179
mcwrap new york & chicken bacon 606
mcwrap veggie 610
mcwrap goat 536
mcfirst beef 366
mcfirst chicken 436
mcfirst fish 384
mcmuffin egg & cheese 271
mcmuffin egg & bacon 297
little ranch 315
mcdo croque 258
little goat wrap 361
little fade 186
Calories in a McDonald’s hamburger

How many calories in a McDonald’s salad

salad calorie (kcal)
Italian mozzarella salad 462
chicken caesar salad
crispy & warm goat cheese salad 416
manhattan salad 296
classic caesar 303
veggie pasta & mozza 244
tasty blue cheese & bacon 431
little salad 15
little tomatoes 20
Calories in a McDonald’s salad

How many calories are in McDonald’s fries on average?

fries and sauces calorie (kcal)
fries 231
deluxe potatoes 220
big mac sauce 61
ketchup 13
potato and chip sauce 27
deluxe creamy sauce 79
classic mustard sauce 61
curry sauce 45
Chinese sauce 50
classic barbecue sauce 40
light sauce 65
olive oil and balsamic vinegar vinaigrette sauce 80
melted blue cheese sauce 103
hazelnut oil vinaigrette 166
Calories in McDonald’s Fries and Sauces

How many calories are in McDonald’s dessert on average?

desserts calorie (kcal)
mcflurry 295
sundae 283
very perfect 244
my little ice squeeze 66
little apple 42
chocolate-hazelnut brownie 372
confetti donut 245
duo of macarons 165
berlingo’ fruit 55
organic vanilla drink 59
little chocolate milkshake 188
little milkshake vanilla flavor 175
little coconut flavored milkshake 175
little milkshake strawberry flavor 175
Calories in a McDonald’s dessert

How many calories are in McDonald’s drinks on average?

drinks calorie (kcal)
Coca-Cola 107
coca-cos without sugar 0
lipton green ice tea 57
lipton ice tea 67
sprite original taste without sugar 0
fanta original taste without sugar 4
evian 0
badoit 0
minute maid orange 100
organic apple nectar 64
slat 58
espresso 0
doubespresso 0
ristretto 0
long coffee 0
hazelnut espresso 8
Viennese espresso 171
Viennese coffee 58
suede cappuccino 79
cappuccino 79
tea 0
hot chocolate 148
Venetian Hot Chocolate 226
mocha 78
Viennese mocha 172
organic almond milk latte 98
teas and infusions 0
delifrapp cookie 641
mango/papaya/passion juice smoothie 46
Orange juice 110
strawberry banana smoothie 186
Calories in McDonald’s Drinks

How many calories are in McDonald’s donut on average?

pastries calorie (kcal)
mcchoconuts choconut topping 433
mcchoconuts peanut butter topping 438
cinnamon roll 339
red fruit muffin 494
caramel heart muffin 551
blueberry muffin 480
chocolate hazelnut flavor muffin 595
raspberry filled cookie 308
milk chocolate and hazelnut cookie 366
plain donut 287
chocolate flavor donut 362
hazelnut chocolate brownie 372
canelé d’aquitaine 87
blueberry macaron 56
cranberry macaron 85
brownie flavored macaron 82
yellow lemon macaron 82
vanilla macaron 100
croissant 205
chocolate bread 242
Calories in donuts, muffins and other McDonald’s products

Some calorie advice at McDonald’s

Calories in McDonald’s meals

McDonald’s flagship dishes remain above all burgers. And whether it’s the fast-food leader or a local merchant, the observation is the same: with all the ingredients in a burger, the caloric intake is enormous. At McDonald’s, the most caloric dishes are undoubtedly the Big Tasty and the Big Mac.

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However, the brand also offers much healthier disheswhether among salads, chicken-based wraps or burgers, or even smaller sandwiches, such as the Cheeseburger or the Charolais.

Generally speaking, note that anything dipped in oil to be fried, as well as all dishes that contain a large quantity of sauce are among the most caloric foods.

Calories in McDonald’s side dishes

On the support side, we find more or less the same characteristics. As logic dictates, the choice ofa salad to accompany your dish is obviously the least caloric. However, it is rare that it is the first choice we turn to.

For fries and potatoes, we come back to the question of frying. The calories will necessarily be much more numerous, but remain reasonable for their category of food. The trap is especially found in sauceswhich can quickly increase calorie intake, especially Creamy Deluxe sauce, the most caloric.

Calories in McDonald’s desserts

When it comes to desserts, the line of thought is always the same: the more the product has been processed, the more calories it contains. That is why fruits are the healthiest desserts at McDonald’s.

On the other hand, as soon as we start looking at pastries or ice cream, the rate rises very quickly. Sundaes are a perfect example. The more ingredients you add, the greater the number of calories.

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Calories in McDonald’s drinks

Finally, it’s not a secret, sodas are unanimously recognized as being very high in calories. And for good reason, they are mainly composed of sugars. This is obviously also at McDonald’s, since the suppliers are the soda brands themselves.

Here too, we will tend to prefer fruit juices or flavored waters to limit caloric consumption.


Although the foods, taken one by one, give a first overview of the caloric intake at McDonald’s, it is mainly up to the customer toestablish your menu by combining products that balance the whole. To put it simply, eating healthy at McDonald’s is not impossible, provided you make a few concessions on gluttony.

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