With a wide range of flavors, the American company offers ice creams that taste buds recognize, in sizes and shapes to suit all tastes. It seems insurmountable to seriously think about finding the best and seven best flavors they have.

With luck on the right side, a true and reliable source was discovered. This is what the manufacturers themselves say, on the Ben & Jerry’s website, which reported the best flavors of last year (2020), particularly taking into account the global situation that prevailed at the time. era.

The statistics they collected for this year are believed to have been reliably compiled and reflect the actual outcome of public consumption of one of the most popular products ever invented by man.

For those who have been avid Ben & Jerry’s consumers over the years, a particular taste may come and go for reasons that the manufacturers themselves considered. They can also trigger the revival of a « lost » flavor if they feel it is viable or for whatever reason.

The Seven Best Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavors

The annual list of the best ice cream flavors certainly isn’t the same; it changes due to many factors. But for the past year, here’s the list and we’ll start at the beginning of it all.

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1. Half cooked

Two key ingredients fuse with two other baked goods to become the most sought-after flavor of the year. The caramel brownies are from Greystone Bakery and the cookie dough is from Rhino Foods.

Both pastries are fused with vanilla and chocolate creams, which somehow reflect the union and harmony of the three companies towards success.

2. 2 Cherry Garcia

A lead guitarist and a tenacious ice cream shop owner influenced the name of this second-rate flavor. Just like Greystone and Rhino bakeries, Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead rose from obscurity to fame, and Jane Williamson was in the audience.

Jane persisted in writing to Ben & Jerry’s headquarters to name an ice cream after the group. Originally vanilla based but changed to cherry, the first 8 pints were sent to Jerry and supplied to Jane for a year.

3. Chocolate Brownie

The partnership with Greystone Bakery evolved into a different flavor, but it never started out perfectly. Both the bakery and the ice cream machine were new to begin with and had to fit together for the connection.

Greystone had perfected the fudge brownie, but it was too big for the ice cream machine. The baker spent countless weeks trying to find the right size.

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4. Chocolate Cookie Dough

In 1984, the first batch of this flavor was presented to the world. In the vanilla cream, the chocolate cookie dough is incorporated into the mixture in small bites.

Originally recorded by an anonymous employee on the bulletin board of the very first scoop shop in Burlington, Vermont, it reached number four last year.

5. Today’s dough

The penchant of the two co-owners to honor personalities by naming them in their ice creams will never be lost. This time, it’s Mr. Jimmy Fallon who takes center stage with his nomination as Entertainer of the Year.

An extravagant mix of two ice creams, caramel and chocolate, with bites of three different cookies and dough.

6. Phish Food

Just like second place, this ice cream is dedicated to local music group Phish. Gluten-free, it’s chocolate ice cream with marshmallow and caramel, and fudge fish like the band members.

Much like the ice cream machine, the band Phish originated in Burlington, Vermont, and has become so famous that they deserve an ice cream named after them.

7. Strawberry Cheesecake

As simple as the name suggests and listed on the ingredient list, this ice cream option has real strawberries and a cheesecake flavor you’ll love. Which places this ice cream in seventh position among a pile of more than sixty flavors and counting.

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There are other ice cream flavors under the Ben & Jerry’s brand, but be sure to check out the same list for this year’s best flavors. In the meantime, open another variation while watching a movie.

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