Food delivery has been booming since before the pandemic hit in 2020. With its convenience, it was a quick solution for many people who simply couldn’t cook and clean up after a busy day. However, when everyone was forced to stay indoors, it proved to be the best way for restaurants to reach diners and vice versa.

But now that the economy is opening up, will the situation remain the same?

Paris, also known as the culinary capital of France, is reportedly returning to normal, at least according to the owners and operators of its restaurants. Many restaurants across the country have been closed since November 2020, so those who were able to meet the strict requirements to reopen are happy to get back to business.

Are restaurants back to normal?

Technically, things still haven’t gone back to the way they were. Constraints remain, especially as local vaccine rollout presents certain obstacles and challenges. Although the government is doing its best to resolve these issues, it is now allowing people to go out with significant precautions.

For example, while many restaurants have resumed operations, social distancing rules are still in effect to prevent dining rooms from being overcrowded. Most establishments will serve fewer customers. Indoor dining is still not permitted.

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Of course, this is not the normality that most French people are used to. The definition of normal is crowded dining halls and crowded pubs. Although outdoor dining has always been practiced in the countryside, it is not done all year round. Eating indoors isn’t too much of a problem right now, since the summer months are here, but when the weather gets colder, it feels different.

Takeaway and deliveries in France

As we mentioned above, the French food delivery sector has been growing over the years, even before the outbreak of the Corona virus in the early 2020s. Although not as big as trends abroad, it has performed relatively well. Takeaway is also very popular when people can still go out.

Today, however, the demand for delivery services in France has increased significantly. According to a study, online orders are up 245% in 2020. So much so that many former players who shut down due to competition have decided to come back. Foreign players are also set to enter the market to further spice up the situation.

As in other countries, the food items that people get delivered are those that have always been popular, such as pizza and other fast food items. This is why the major brands in the segment have experienced growth and will continue to experience growth in the years to come. This is why experts recommend investing in brands like Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza, among others.

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Now that many venues across the country have reopened and restaurants are back in business, locals can dine at their favorite restaurants or grab takeout. While this situation will certainly impact the food delivery industry, it can still provide a good additional option for consumers.

Many restaurants shut down operations completely during the pandemic, leaving them unable to deliver their products. Thanks to this new configuration, customers who have not been able to enjoy their specialties now have more choices for what they can enjoy at home.

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