Vegan and fast food chains aren’t two words you often see together. In fact, half the time they only cross paths when there’s a blatant joke on the latter. Of course, there are vegan fast food chains, but they are not as widespread as the international giants and therefore are not always considered household names.

Times really are changing, though. In recent years, the demand for vegetarian and vegan options in all types of restaurants has increased significantly. Those who want to stick to a plant-based diet are tired of their limited options. More and more people are also consuming plant-based products, which has forced the restaurant industry to expand its menus.

In France, it is difficult to deny this change. Meat consumption among the population is declining as more and more people opt for a healthier diet. Many call it the “flexitarian” diet, where you can still eat whatever you want, including meat, but choose to eat more vegetables instead. And if we look at the numbers, sales of vegan meat alternatives have increased by 226% in two years. This is why foodservice brands must adapt to market demands.

Interestingly, recent changes have not only given vegetarians more options when it comes to dining out. Even vegans, with their strict dietary restrictions, can now go to a fast food chain and find something to eat.

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Although not all fast food chains in France offer vegan options, their number is increasing. If you want to avoid places with deceptive practices, here are a few that guarantee you real vegan options:

Burger King

Over the past few years, BK has increased the number of plant-based dishes on its menu. It is therefore not surprising that the company has made the ambitious choice of only offering the aforementioned products for a few days.

But since the meat-free location only lasted a limited time, can you still go to Burger King as a vegan? The answer is yes. Although it missed a few notes when launching its plant-based offerings, the chain has ironed out its kinks. Now they can guarantee that their Vegan King Royale is prepared separately from their meat dishes, so vegans don’t have to worry.


Although Subway is best known for its meat sandwiches, it has also made some changes to its menu. They now offer many vegetarian and vegan options. In March 2021, they even launched their Vegan Wednesdays, where customers can get the new Spicy Vegan Patty at a discounted price every Wednesday.


The Albert Schweitzer Foundation has named Germany’s most vegetarian-friendly chain in 2020. It’s a safe bet that vegetarians will find several options there. A fifth of Vapiano’s menu is vegan, so your choices aren’t slim at this restaurant.

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