While there’s some debate about the quality of Burger King’s food, regular customers reveal plenty of reasons to stick with the Flame-Grilled Whopper.

So what are the main things that make Burger King a great fast food option? If you’ve ever wanted to know the answer to this question, keep reading!

Why is Burger King so good in 2024?

Burger King fans have several reasons why they love the fast food chain, one being that its flame-grilled onion rings and Whopper burgers are delicious as of 2024. Plus, since the burgers are flame-grilled, they collect less fat than traditional rapids. -food hamburgers fried on regular grills. Additionally, some consider Burger King’s Whopper among the top five best tasting burgers of all time.

So, have you wondered why Burger King’s food is considered so good with so many reviews saying the food isn’t quite up to par? If you want to know the answer to this and other related questions, keep reading!

1. The Burger King Whopper

Anyone who has heard of Burger King knows that the name is synonymous with the famous flame-grilled Whopper.

However, most don’t know that the Whopper is considered one of the best and healthiest fast food burgers.

In fact, the BK Whopper Jr and the veggie burger also rank pretty high on the list of healthiest fast food burgers.

So while many argue that Burger King is unhealthy, it is still considered the best convenience food.

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2. Burger King onion rings

Even Burger King’s detractors admit that it has some of the best onion rings. Golden and crispy, you can get Burger King Onion Rings with any budget meal for an extra fee.

However, most would be surprised to learn that the onions in the famous rings are reconstituted and flavored, but that doesn’t take away from the yum factor.

If you haven’t tried them, do yourself a favor and buy some.

3. Burger King’s Burger Options

Burger King has always been open to risky ventures, sometimes with mixed results. One area it has dabbled in is its burgers, offering a wide range and variety for meat lovers.

For example, Burger King provided so many options that loyal customers ranked the burgers from worst to best.

Plus, Burger King even has plenty of vegan options, proving that it is indeed the king when it comes to burger options.

4. Burger King merger with Popeyes and Tim Hortons

While some saw this as a failure on Burger King’s part, others are calling the move a brilliant one.

Criticized for tax evasion in America, some industry insiders have praised its choice to be headquartered in Canada.

However, this decision facilitated the merger of Popeyes and Tim Hortons.

Although it got off to a rocky start, in 2021, franchising has proven to have helped the Burger King brand in the long run.

5. Burger King’s Impossible Whopper

5. Burger King's Impossible Whopper

Although not vegan, the Impossible Whopper offers individuals a viable option to reduce their meat consumption.

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However, vegans stewed over the burger’s introduction because it wasn’t entirely vegan and somehow missed the point.

Additionally, Burger King never officially claimed that the Impossible Whopper was vegan and stated that it was cooked on a standard grill from the start.

That said, the vegan option in the UK has been certified vegan because Burger King cooks the vegan patties separately.

6. There are diet options

Burger King is a fast food restaurant, so it’s not exactly supposed to be weight watcher friendly.

That said, it does offer a few options for conscious diners who enjoy their meals on the go.

7. Amazing Chicken Sandwiches

It may seem counterintuitive, but one of the best things Burger King has is a chicken sandwich.

After Popeyes released its signature chicken sandwich, Burger King followed suit, with an incredible deal that people are still talking about.

With this, the most popular chicken sandwich on the Burger King menu has been renamed the Crispy Hand Breaded Chicken Sandwich.

8. Burger King’s prices are easy on tight budgets

Burger King has always provided the public with fast food at affordable prices. For example, its Whopper Value Meals start at $6.49.

In other words, you can get an entire meal for less than ten dollars, which means you could feed a family of four for less than $40.00, and you can’t beat it!

People have been hard on Burger King’s breakfast menu, with good reason. The menu has been minimal and some of its offerings, like French toast sticks, have been met with little enthusiasm.

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Therefore, it tried to do a little better in 2021, even offering an all-day breakfast option which proved difficult. Yet for price and flavor, its latest menu is unbeatable.

10. Maple Oatmeal

Once again, one of the best things about Burger King is one of its non-burger items, the maple grits.

That said, you can get this product during the crazy morning breakfast rush, and it’s still piping hot.

However, be sure to head to a local Burger King that serves this grits early, as some chains sell out quickly.

To learn more about Burger King, you can also check out our articles on why Burger King is so cheap, if Burger King cheese is real, and if Burger King onion rings are vegan.


Burger King may not be for everyone, but its fan base can find various items at affordable prices.

That said, the popular franchise is willing to test the water to see which contemporary trends work best, especially among more conscious fast food restaurants.

Additionally, Burger King is willing to push boundaries and cultivate new ideas, even if they fail.

For this reason, Burger King can be counted on for enjoyable, sometimes disturbing, advertising and branding that keeps them at the forefront of American fast food franchises.

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