The pandemic has really hit the restaurant industry worldwide. Many have had to close their doors permanently, others have had to take drastic measures to keep up with the times.

In Germany, it disrupted the business of many restaurants, most of which had to close their doors in the early 2020s. Many still cannot open their doors, even though restrictions are being eased in many parts of the country due to strict regulations.

Vapiano, a popular German restaurant chain with a notable Italian theme, is one of the foodservice brands that has been heavily influenced by the era. The franchise was struggling even before the pandemic for a variety of reasons and the conditions of the last year have only made things worse.

However, it’s not that Vapiano doesn’t make its customers happy. They are indeed able to offer delicious meals at attractive prices. It was also voted Germany’s most vegan chain in 2020. But like other fast food chains, the trends of recent years simply aren’t in their favor.

As Germany lifts its restrictions on restaurants, 55 of their establishments will soon open. This reopening is accompanied by a notable change in their menu. They decided to remove pizza from their menu and replace it with Pinsa.

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A big change

According to reports, Vapiano appears to be finding a good place in the highly competitive pizza-pasta segment by announcing that it will replace pizza on its menu with Pinsa as its new core product. This big change comes just in time for a proper reboot as the brand slowly opens its locations across the country.

It is said that this change is a precursor to their ambition to generate new franchisees for a new standalone format they want to offer, “We are Pinsa”. By presenting the pinsa on their current sites, it will be easier and faster to introduce the new concept.

Pizza versus pinsa

What is the difference between pizza and pinsa, you ask? The two aren’t that different, so those who are fans of Vapiano’s pizza shouldn’t worry too much. Both are flatbreads with a variety of toppings, so the experience is similar.

Pinsa differs from regular pizza in its dough. The way it is made is different from normal pizza dough. The techniques used date back to Roman times.

The main difference between pizza and pinsa is the type of flour used. Pizza uses normal wheat flour, which is very finely ground, while pinsa is softer. It is usually made from a combination of different types of flour, usually soy and rice flour in addition to wheat. In the past, millet, barley and oats were also used.

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Second, it uses much more water and less salt than traditional pizza dough. The production process is also different, as fermentation usually lasts two days or more. As a result, the crust of Pinsa is much airier and lighter, which clearly distinguishes it from a normal pizza.

The rise of Pinsa

In recent years, more and more restaurants have started to include pinsa on their menus. By highlighting this element, Vapiano is part of the trend. Hopefully this will give the channel a fresh start.

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