Subway is one of the most popular and well-known fast food chains in the country. However, with over 23,000 metros in the United States, there are bound to be food quality issues.

So if you’ve been curious about Subway’s complaint process, or if you have any other questions about the most common complaints at Subway, keep reading!

How to file a Subway claim in 2024?

Customers with complaints about customer service or food quality at Subway can call 1- (833) 778-2929 in 2024. Of course, to complain directly to your local Subway, another option is to speak directly to a manager. Alternatively, there is a customer feedback form on the Subway website. It is easy to locate under the contact link.

For more information on filing a lawsuit against Subway or other common Subway questions, keep reading for more facts!

How can I contact Subway to complain?

To communicate with Subway, there are several different routes, which are as follows:

  • Call customer service at 1 (800) 888-4848
  • Call the head office at 203 877 4281
  • Use the Subway Customer Service Feedback Form
  • Follow Metro on Twitter
  • Follow Metro on Facebook

Are complaints taken seriously at Subway?

When it comes to being taken seriously, Subway has a mixed record. On the one hand, they make it easy and simple to get in touch via their feedback form on the website or by phone.

However, on the other hand, some very serious complaints and allegations have been ignored in the not-so-distant past.

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For example, complaints about former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle were initially ignored in 2011.

Although this example is extreme, other less serious complaints, such as problems with Subway employees, are not always the best.

When it comes to the employees themselves, the perception of Subway and the way it treats employees is somewhat negative.

Although many employees report a great experience and positive work environment, others report that the environment is not ideal.

According to a website called Comparably, Subway earned a « D » for overall work culture.

This would indicate that many complaints are not taken seriously by Subway employees.

What are the most common complaints people make about Subway?

What are the most common complaints people make about subways?

Some of the most common customer complaints concern the quality of the food.

Some mentioned that the sub sandwiches didn’t have as much meat or toppings as they expected.

Other customers report unprofessional or rude customer service from store managers or employees.

These complaints range from discriminatory treatment to ignoring requests for food and more.

However, some of the most serious complaints have come from Subway employees.

For example, a common complaint is that often at closing time only one person is working.

Some also noted that they were not paid after closing time, but were expected to complete the work.

Other employees complained that they weren’t trained properly, but we were expected to do all the tasks anyway.

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At least one worker complained that she was expected to take the trash outside alone at night.

Overall, complaints range from very minor, like a customer wanting more tuna on a sub, to very serious, like a customer or employee experiencing outright discriminatory treatment.

While Subway certainly does not condone such behavior, in theory, the fact is that Subway receives many complaints of this type.

How do I complain about a manager at Subway?

If a Subway manager is rude or causes a problem to a customer or store employee, there are several ways to handle the problem.

Some may be easier than others, so it’s up to you.

First, anyone with a complaint about a manager or other issue can send it via regular mail.

Subway’s head office address is 325 Sub Way, Milford, CT 06461, United States. This may take a few days, but may be a good option for some.

Second, if desired, a customer or store employee with a complaint about a manager can call Subway’s corporate office at 1 (833) 778-2929.

This may take several minutes of waiting, but eventually you should get through.

Third, Subway also has an email address, which can be used for these types of complaints: [email protected].

Alternatively, there is also the feedback form on the Subway website.

When making a complaint about a manager, it’s a good idea to be professional and concise.

Avoiding profanity, keeping the facts straight, the story short, and including dates are all good advice.

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Can I sue Subway?

It is possible to sue Subway, although it is strongly recommended to ensure you have clear facts and good legal representation to avoid a lengthy legal battle.

In the past, customers have sued Subway over claims that their tuna was fake, the subs were not precise lengths, among other things.

While some of these lawsuits have been dismissed, others are still pending.

A major lawsuit alleged that Subway exploits immigrants and franchisees. It remains to be seen how the trial ends, but it’s worth watching.

Overall, most complaints about Subway certainly don’t progress to this level.

However, if you think you have a case that might warrant prosecution, take the time to research the best course of action.

To learn more about Subway, you might also be interested in reading what Subway is, why Subway is called Subway, and why Subway fails.


Subway is no stranger to complaints from customers and store employees, having dealt with countless complaints over the decades, ranging from benign to outrageous.

Complaints can be handled at the store level or at the corporate level, depending on the scope of the problem. Anyone with a complaint should present their concern thoughtfully and with the expectation that Subway will listen and take appropriate action.

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