McDonald’s has released countless hamburgers over the years. Typically, these burgers aren’t much different from the store’s other offerings, which is probably why many new burgers don’t last very long.

One of these burgers is the McFeast, which has been on the menu since the 1990s. This burger is slightly different from the other burgers that McDonald’s offers, so let’s look at the differences!

What is McDonald’s McFeast?

The McFeast burger is made almost exactly like a Quarter Pounder in 2024. It features McChicken sauce and braai sauce, which sets the burger apart from others on the McDonald’s menu. Although popular, this burger has been on the menu for years. It has a more stable location in other countries.

For more information on whether you can buy this burger at McDonald’s and the ingredients on the burger, keep reading!

Does McDonald’s still have McFeast?

McDonald’s has brought back its McFeast sandwich after a long hiatus. In fact, this menu item was discontinued in the 1990s and was only brought back very recently.

That said, the item made a brief comeback in 2017. However, after a small window, the sandwich was quietly discontinued again.

Therefore, it is unclear if the burger will be brought back in the future or why it was discontinued again.

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So far, the company has not released a statement explaining why the burger is no longer sold. Additionally, the burger is still on the company’s website.

Despite this, it is not listed as a menu item in most stores.

What’s in a McDonald’s McFeast?

The McFeast is a pretty standard burger; it includes a bun, two patties, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, braai and McChicken sauce.

For most, it’s a quarter pounder with McChicken sauce on it. Therefore, this sandwich was not much different from other sandwiches sold by the company.

According to some theories, this is why the company abandoned the burger; it just didn’t bring much new to the menu.

How much does a McDonald’s McFeast cost?

After the McFeast’s revival, the entire meal was sold for just $5. In fact, it was a huge advertising campaign by the company.

Plus, the low price made this burger a very suitable budget option that didn’t feel like a budget option.

You can buy just the burger at a lower price, of course. However, because the meal was so cheap, most customers seemed to purchase the meal.

What is a McFeast Deluxe?

What is a McFeast Deluxe?  Mcdonalds

A McFeast Deluxe is no different than a regular McFeast sandwich. Once upon a time, McDonald’s sold a small McFeast burger.

However, when it brought back the burger, McDonald’s only brought back the previous deluxe option. Therefore, the Deluxe McFeast became the regular McFeast.

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That said, the McFeast Deluxe is still available in some regions. For example, McDonald’s stores in other countries usually sell the McFeast, even when it is not available in the United States.

Sometimes these locations also have the regular McFeast, which means the Deluxe should be listed as such.

What sauce is on a McFeast?

There are two sauces on a McFeast, McChicken sauce and braai sauce. Beyond that, this burger is mostly a quarter pounder.

That said, the sauce is what sets it apart from the other burgers on the menu.

As the name suggests, you can find McChicken sauce mainly on McChicken. However, McDonald’s has used it on other items since its inception.

Additionally, braai sauce is McDonald’s tangy barbecue sauce. You can still find this sauce at most McDonald’s and the company sometimes uses it directly on its food.

But, that sauce comes in and out of existence.

Is a McFeast spicy?

A Spicy McFeast option is available in some areas. However, this option is generally not available in the United States or European countries.

Instead, it is more common in South Africa and Asian countries. In fact, the McFeast is extremely popular in these parts of the world.

As a result, there are many variations of the McFeast that you probably won’t be able to spot anywhere else.

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The McFeast burger is a simple burger with two special sauces: braai sauce and McChicken sauce; these two sauces make the burger stand out from other McDonald’s offerings.

However, this burger is not always on the menu in the United States, and it is more permanent in some other countries, such as South America.

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