McDonald’s is known for its traditional stores. As one of the largest fast food chains in the United States, almost everyone has seen a McDonald’s store.

However, you may be surprised to know that McDonald’s offers other types of branded stores. For example, one of them is McDonald’s Express. To learn more about this type of store, check out my research below!

What is McDonald’s Express?

The McDonald’s Express is a smaller version of the typical McDonald’s store in 2024. Typically, these stores have fewer menu items because the space inside limits the amount of equipment they can have. McDonald’s Express often doesn’t even have a drive-thru or indoor seating, but the store layout varies.

Keep reading for more information on this type of store (and the app it’s often confused with)!

What is the difference between McDonald’s and McDonald’s Express?

McDonald’s Express does not have a drive-thru or indoor seating. Instead, you order food through a small window at the front. Then the rest of the building is a kitchen.

As you may know, several other fast food stores have a similar setup. Additionally, many McDonald’s Express locations offer a limited menu.

Usually they are located in urban areas or places where people tend to walk more, such as at the beach.

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Often, these stores only sell the most common menu items and snacks, like ice cream cones and coffees.

However, the menu can vary considerably. That said, McDonald’s Express stores often differ significantly from one another.

Additionally, they are not very common, so customers usually don’t know what to expect when visiting one.

What is the McDonald’s Express app?

What is the McDonald's Express app?

In addition to having McDonald’s Express stores, there is also a McDonald’s Express app. However, this app only works in Guatemala and a few other countries.

Yet, this app allows users to order their food in advance and have it delivered to certain areas.

When you order through the app, you can access special promotions, which can save you a lot of money.

Luckily, ordering on the app is surprisingly easy, as the menu is simple, making ordering easy.

Of course, the app requires you to enter your location or use the location feature, so your online menu will be based on where you live.

Many users like being able to program their orders when using this app. With this feature, you can schedule orders in advance, including on a different day.

For larger orders, it may be recommended to plan a day or two in advance.

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Additionally, the McDonald’s app in the United States is called « McDonald’s ». This name difference is likely to avoid confusion between the app and the store type.

Is McDonald’s Express popular?

There was a lot of uncertainty surrounding McDonald’s Express at first.

For example, many were concerned that the limited menu would turn off customers. However, the first Express to open sold far more than was estimated.

This store has an extremely limited menu and less seating than a full-sized location. For example, a large store is typically between 3,000 and 5,000 square feet.

On the other hand, most Express stores are around 1,400 feet tall. Usually these stores do not have indoor seating. However, if they have indoor seating, it is extremely limited.

Additionally, because these units are smaller, they require less rent. Therefore, they usually appear in areas with the highest property prices.

Additionally, only time will tell if McDonald’s Express stores will become more popular in the future.

That said, they have been around for a while but have yet to take off and appear outside of dense population centers.

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McDonald’s Express can refer to two things: a particular type of store found around the world or the McDonald’s app for certain countries. In the United States it usually refers to the former.

That said, this small store has a limited menu and far less seating than a traditional store. Typically, they are located in dense population centers where space is limited.

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