Iced coffee is one of Starbucks’ most popular and versatile products because it allows for several customization options. This might make you wonder, is Starbucks coffee ever sweet?

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Is Starbucks iced coffee sweet in 2024?

Starbucks Iced Coffee is sweetened by default, but you can specify that you want it unsweetened when ordering, starting in 2024. Starbucks adds a few pumps of classic syrup to each iced coffee; however, it is possible to get it unsweetened if you wish. There are between 15 and 39 grams of sugar in a Starbucks iced coffee.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Starbucks’ iced coffee, including how much sugar it contains, the sweeteners used, where to find it unsweetened, and more!

How much sugar is in a Starbucks iced coffee?

The amount of sugar in Starbucks iced coffee depends on whether your order is sweetened or unsweetened.

For the sweetened Starbucks iced coffee, let’s look at the starter option the company offers you without customization:

  • Large: 15 grams
  • Large: 20 grams
  • Wind: 30 grams
  • Trenta: 39 grams

In these options, Starbucks adds a few pumps of classic syrup to sweeten it, and that’s where most of the sugar comes from.

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However, if you specify that you want the iced coffee to be unsweetened, it is almost sugar-free.

Additionally, this option is available from third-party retailers as a ready-to-drink bottled product, and the nutritional information states that it contains 0 grams of sugar.

Why does Starbucks iced coffee taste sweet?

Starbucks’ iced coffee tastes sweet because there are a few pumps of classic syrup added to the drink if you don’t specify that you want it unsweetened.

Also, you can customize your iced coffee order to make it sweeter by choosing from the following sweeteners:

  • More Classic Syrup Pumps
  • Sugar
  • Raw sugar
  • My dear
  • Splenda
  • Stevia in its raw state
  • Cane sugar
  • Honey mixture

Is Starbucks Vanilla Iced Coffee sweet?

Is Starbucks Vanilla Iced Coffee sweet?

Starbucks’ vanilla iced coffee is sweet if you get it at one of its cafes and don’t ask for any customization because it adds syrup by default.

However, you can get a less sweet Starbucks Vanilla Iced Coffee by asking the barista not to add syrup or purchasing it from third-party retailers where it contains less sugar.

Additionally, if you want to get a sweetened vanilla iced latte, you can ask the person taking your order to add more sweeteners like stevia and honey.

Is Starbucks Caramel Iced Coffee sweet?

A Starbucks Caramel Iced Coffee is sweet if you don’t ask for any customization, as the company adds a few pumps of syrup to all of its iced coffees.

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If you want it less sweet, you can ask the barista not to add the syrup or any other sweetener, but if you like sweet drinks, you can always ask them to add more sweetener.

Let’s say you want a very sweet caramel iced coffee from Starbucks and the usual syrup scoops aren’t enough.

In this case, you can ask the barista to sweeten it further by using additional syrup or other options like honey and stevia.

What is the sweetest Starbucks iced coffee?

According to a Reddit thread with responses from baristas, the sweetest Starbucks iced coffees are those with white mocha.

That said, you can order one and ask the barista to add sweeteners like honey, stevia, or syrup to the drink to increase its sweetness.

Can you get unsweetened iced coffee at Starbucks?

As noted above, you can get unsweetened iced coffee at Starbucks if you specify that’s what you want when ordering.

However, since baristas add a few pumps of syrup to each iced coffee at Starbucks by default, you should ask them not to do this if you don’t want them to.

Additionally, you can purchase Starbucks Iced Coffee as a ready-to-drink product in a bottle from leading third-party retailers, including:

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Sam’s club
  • Kroger
  • Amazon
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Additionally, Starbucks manufactures and supplies branded products and typically comes in 48-ounce bottles.

Essentially, it’s the same thing you’d get at a Starbucks store if you ordered it unsweetened.

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Starbucks’ iced coffee is sweetened with classic syrup, but you can get it unsweetened if you specify it when ordering.

Additionally, you can get unsweetened Starbucks iced coffee from Walmart, Amazon, and Kroger.

Additionally, an unsweetened Starbucks iced coffee contains almost no sugar. In comparison, White Mocha Iced Coffees are the sweetest iced coffee options available at Starbucks.

However, you can add even more sweeteners like honey and stevia to your order to make it sweeter.

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