Followers of halal diets require that the meat they eat be slaughtered by a Muslim who blesses it with a special Islamic prayer.

Followers of halal diets require that the meat they eat be slaughtered by a Muslim who blesses it with a special Islamic prayer.

Only a handful of traditional restaurants cater to Islamic halal diets in this way. So, is Burger King one of them? Here’s what I discovered!

Is Burger King Halal?

Burger King serves halal-certified food in different countries in the Middle East, Europe and Asia; However, Burger King USA does not offer a full Halal menu. Additionally, Burger King partnered with Impossible Foods in 2019 to create a halal-certified plant-based Whopper, a start for a broader Muslim-inspired menu.

To learn more about Burger King’s current and future halal policies, continue reading below!

Why doesn’t Burger King USA offer a full halal menu?

Because Burger King is such a large food chain, they must comply with USDA Standards regarding the way their meats are processed. In the traditional halal method, animals are slaughtered and bled.

This creates health and safety concerns that make it difficult for Burger King to mass produce blessed halal beef for all of its restaurants.

To get around the problem, Burger King teamed up with Impossible Foods, a plant-based fake meat maker, to create a patty resembling beef.

The major food chain is also developing meat-free offerings for its chicken nuggets and patties to expand its halal-certified menu.

Will Burger King USA offer a full halal menu?

For a limited time, Burger King plans to open a fully vegan, kosher and halal certified restaurant in Cologne, Germany. They will work with a Dutch plant-based meat company, The Vegetarian Butcher, during the trial.

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The mainstream restaurant can use the success of the Cologne store as a model for similar Burger King specialties around the world.

What other countries offer halal at Burger King?

Burger King was one of the first major food chains to tap into a growing consumer market, offering halal meat in many of its international locations in the early 2000s.

Burger King France, for example, has served the 5 million and growing Muslim consumers in their country since 2013. This development has made France one of Burger King’s largest markets in the world.

Additionally, Burger King has established halal-certified restaurants in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and markets outside Europe, leading the market in these regions.

Does Burger King India serve halal meats?

According to the official Burger King India Twitter Account, the restaurant offers halal-certified options, including Whoppers.

It also appears that in America, BK India must comply with local safety and health measures.

For this reason, not all menu options are fully halal, as many dishes are cooked with Haram (non-halal standard) foods.

Do Middle Eastern Burger King restaurants serve halal food?

Generally, a lot Middle Eastern Restaurants offer halal-certified menus; Burger King is no exception.

Nonetheless, Islamic customers are advised to inquire about halal certifications before purchasing anything from a Burger King menu, regardless of which part of the world they are located in.

As an added measure, you can also ask if halal meats are grilled with non-halal food products.

This fact could have a significant impact on the parameters of a strict halal diet.

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Does Burger King mix haram and halal foods?

According to Islamic dietary orthodoxy, halal food must be prepared in accordance with the edicts of the Quran.

Mainly applicable to meats, this often means that the animal must be alive and healthy before slaughter.

A Muslim meat processor then allows blood to flow from the beast’s carcass and blesses it with prayer.

Halal food must also be:

  • No animal fats, lard or meat broth
  • Contains nothing pork – this includes bacon or ham
  • Have no bird of prey by-products
  • Not soaked in alcohol or other intoxicants

For this reason, many Burger King locations mix Haram (non-halal foods) with Halal and may not be fully Halal compliant. Ask if any menu items are cooked with prohibited foods if in doubt.

Does the Islamic Food Council recognize Burger King Halal?

Is Burger King Halal?With the vegan promotion of the Impossible Whopper, Burger King opened the door for American Muslims seeking halal food products from national food chains.

According to Impossible Foods Websitetheir Impossible Burger and 14 oz rolls of Impossible Sausage are certified Halal by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA).

The fact indicates a plan to emulate the successful mix of Haram and halal offerings in American food chains Burger King in the near future.

Which American businesses besides Burger King serve Halal?

A growing number of American restaurants serve halal food because the market has grown considerably. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Texas Chicken — Texas Chicken has franchises around the world, including the United States. Every restaurant serves halal food.
  • Pizza Hut — some Pizza Hut locations offer halal. Call your local franchise to ask.
  • Crown/Kennedy Fried Chicken — A competitor to KFC, Crown and Kennedy Fried Chicken has 120 outlets that serve halal food.
  • Krispy Krunch Chicken – The Islamic Society of Washington certifies Krispy Krunch Chicken as halal.
  • Halal guys — Based in New York, they claim that 37 of their establishments offer 100% halal cuisine.
  • Subway – Subway surpasses McDonald’s in franchises and currently offers halal food to its customers in more than 120 restaurants.
  • KFC — Kentucky Fried Chicken officially provides halal food in 78 locations.
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Some fast food restaurants may be partially halal but mostly halal. Make sure the restaurant of your choice carefully separates halal foods from haram foods.

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Burger King has long offered kosher and halal meals in various countries; however, there is a slow but emerging demand for halal-certified foods in America.

The internationally recognized food chain currently offers Halal foods, which include the Impossible Whopper, in the United States and abroad. Even so, locating one near you can still prove to be a challenge in the United States.

Anyone looking to adhere to the tenets of the Quran and eat Sharia-compliant foods should look for halal-specific foods at a local Burger King that proudly offers such products.

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