McDonald’s is well known for playing around with its menu and launching new items. However, McDonald’s has also been known to remove items from its menu. Sometimes these abandoned items come back, but they often don’t.

There are tons of lesser-known foods on the McDonald’s menu, like yogurt. Most people don’t go to McDonald’s for yogurt. However, it was a popular accessory. Take a look below for everything you need to know about this side item!

Does McDonald’s sell yogurt in 2024?

McDonald’s yogurt was once a popular side dish; However, during COVID, the company removed yogurt to simplify its menu, leaving only fries and apples as sides available in 2024. The restaurant removed a range of other things from its menu, including many dishes for breakfast. Some of them came back, but many did not.

Keep reading to find out when McDonald’s might bring back its yogurt parfait!

What type of yogurt does McDonald’s use?

According to a few different sources, Dannon is the brand of yogurt that McDonald’s uses in its products.

Therefore, if you are trying to remake a McDonald’s item at home, you will probably want to use this brand.

Additionally, since this brand is one of the most popular options, it is widely available.

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Therefore, there is no reason not to use this yogurt when trying to get as close to McDonald’s menu items as possible.

Of course, the flavor of yogurt used will depend on the item you purchase. That said, it appears that McDonald’s uses Dannon for all vanilla (or plain) flavored items.

Does McDonald’s still have yogurt?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s does not currently sell fruit and yogurt parfaits as sides. That said, many menu items were removed in 2020 when the company announced a limited menu.

In fact, McDonald’s has cut many of its sides. Therefore, McDonald’s currently only sells fries and apple slices as a side.

Additionally, many options cut by McDonald’s have yet to make a return to the menu. Some popular items, like the bagel breakfast sandwich, returned without much fanfare.

However, items like the parfait have yet to return. Of course, there is always a chance that this item will come up again in the future. However, it may not be anytime soon.

Does McDonald’s still make yogurt parfaits?

Does McDonald's still make yogurt parfaits?

McDonald’s stopped making yogurt parfaits during the pandemic, which were once a side dish. Additionally, other side dishes and yogurt dishes have been removed.

Currently the only sides you can choose from are fries and apple slices (of which there aren’t that many).

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Plus, yogurt parfaits join the ranks of other items that have yet to be brought back. With this, McDonald’s is well known for discontinuing items, even those that were once popular.

What’s in a McDonald’s yogurt parfait?

When the yogurt parfait was still around, it was made with low-fat vanilla yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, and granola.

With these ingredients it was extremely similar to the other parfaits. Plus, compared to other McDonald’s menu items, this option was much lower in calories.

Plus, it offered something completely different from the usual fries, especially if you were looking for something lighter.

Unfortunately, McDonald’s no longer offers this parfait, as it was removed during the pandemic and has not yet returned.

In addition to the yogurt parfait, McDonald’s has removed many other items from the menu. As you would expect, this was due to COVID and its challenges.

For example, with fewer staff and supply chain issues, McDonald’s was forced to make difficult decisions about what it could offer.

Additionally, one of the most popular items was the grilled chicken sandwich, which has yet to return. But the McChicken is still available.

Additionally, McDonald’s has removed chicken tenders. Plus, these weren’t that different from chicken nuggets, so the likelihood of their return is low.

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On top of that, many of the chain’s salads have been removed, despite much research by the company.

Additionally, McDonald’s removed bagels, which reduced the number of options workers had to deal with during breakfast.

However, this item has since returned to the menu, but many pastry items have also been removed from breakfast.

In fact, as of March 2020, only three items were available for breakfast.

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McDonald’s yogurt was a newer secondary product that the company launched not too long ago. However, the company removed this item in 2020, attempting to simplify its average during COVID.

With fewer staff, McDonald’s had to limit the number of items sold. As a result, many of the less popular items have been removed, including yogurt parfaits.

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