McDonald’s is best known for its Big Macs and other burgers. However, many customers are surprised by other McDonald’s-related items, especially those not on the menu.

There have been videos of customers buying cakes from McDonald’s. However, there are many suspicions since cakes are not on the McDonald’s menu. Keep reading to find out if you can buy a cake at McDonald’s!

Does McDonald’s offer frozen cakes in 2024?

McDonald’s sells prepackaged cakes made off-site; however, these cakes are not frozen as of 2024. These cakes are for customer birthdays and employee parties. Also, you can simply buy the cake from some stores. However, not all places carry them. Therefore, you will have to ask your local store if they have any cakes.

Keep reading for more information on the types of cakes available and how to buy one at McDonald’s!

Does McDonald’s sell cake?

McDonald’s provides inexpensive sheet cakes at many locations. Often this service is not advertised. However, many customers have found these cakes at their local McDonald’s stores.

Additionally, the cakes only come in two flavors: chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and vanilla cake.

Additionally, the cake is pre-made and delivered in packaging, so it is not prepared fresh in restaurants and is not a made-to-order item.

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With this, many places do not sell these cakes because it all depends on the owner as McDonald’s is a franchise.

While many menu items are required by company policy, cakes are completely optional.

Of course, cakes don’t appear on any restaurant’s menu. Instead, you will need to ask your local store if they sell these cakes.

Can you still get birthday cake at McDonald’s?

COVID has made things a little complicated, as McDonald’s has discontinued many menu items due to a labor shortage. However, McDonald’s has not officially stopped selling cakes.

Since these cakes are primarily for employees, many stores likely continued to stock them.

However, it is possible that several stores have stopped stocking these patties due to employment issues.

Because not all stores stock these cakes to begin with, you will need to call and ask if your local store carries them.

Additionally, the price of the cakes may have changed. In the past, these cakes only cost $10 or less. But, this may have changed in some local stores due to increased shipping costs.

Does McDonald’s sell cakes in the USA?

Does McDonald's sell cakes in the USA?

Yes, McDonald’s sells cakes in the United States. As mentioned earlier, owners have the option of purchasing cakes from their local supplier for employee celebrations.

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However, stores can sell these cakes to customers who ask to buy one. Since these cakes are not on the menu, you have to ask for them.

Additionally, the cake does not need to be sold at all McDonald’s locations. So local stores may not sell them.

Does McDonald’s do anything for birthdays?

McDonald’s is offering a free happy meal to kids on their birthday if you sign up for the company’s email. Beyond that, the company doesn’t offer anything free for birthdays.

However, you can purchase a McDonald’s Party, which provides a kit for throwing a party at McDonald’s, including Happy Meals, goody bags, placemats, party hats and a birthday cake.

Naturally, prices depend on the package you choose. Fortunately, several plans are available, allowing you to select the option that suits you best.

You’ll need to call the company hotline to plan a party, because you can’t just schedule it at the store.

Additionally, you will need to consider the size of the McDonald’s location. With this, some places can’t have large parties because they don’t have enough seating.

Additionally, the store may hire more staff for this time, especially if you choose a “We’re the Host” party.

In some cases, a host or hostess will even play games with the children so the parents can sit back and relax. Of course, parties with a hostess cost a little more than those without one.

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McDonald’s sells two different flavors of cake, even though they are not on the menu. However, not all places sell these cakes.

Therefore, you will need to call ahead and ask if your local store sells them. Typically, McDonald’s cakes cost $10 or less.

Originally, these cakes were created for customer birthdays and employee holidays. However, you can buy a cake on its own without planning a birthday party.

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