KFC is a great place to work if you’re looking for your first job or just looking to earn some extra money. But before you apply to KFC, you may be wondering how often the fast food chain will pay you.

For example, does KFC pay its employees on a weekly or bi-weekly basis? I was curious about this, so I decided to do some research! Here’s everything I discovered!

Does KFC pay weekly in 2024?

KFC pays its employees weekly, biweekly, or even bimonthly starting in 2024. Payment typically occurs on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, via direct deposit, credit card, or check. Additionally, payment methods may vary from franchise to franchise and depend on the company processing the company’s payroll accounts.

KFC has different compensation structures that can depend significantly on the setup of the franchise owners. So, if you want to know more about the payment structure and work environment of KFC employees, keep reading!

What is KFC’s starting pay rate?

Again, a lot of this depends on the franchise, but the starting pay rate is typically between $8 and $10 per hour.

However, KFC has implemented changes to its benefits package in some states to attract future job applicants. Additionally, some salaries depend on the type of position you acquire at KFC.

For example, a cook makes around $9.90 per hour, while a supervisor can earn an average of $11.90 per hour.

Does KFC offer a decent pay rise?

Salary increases occur gradually at KFC, ranging from 2 to 3 percent within six months of employment.

However, full-time employees get a pay increase much faster than part-time employees.

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Additionally, the amount of the raise is likely attributable to your position within the company. For example, a KFC supervisor may get a bigger raise than a cashier.

Does KFC offer entry level positions?

Many fast food restaurants offer entry-level jobs, and KFC is no exception.

For example, cook and cashier positions are considered entry-level jobs because they don’t require any experience. For this reason, KFC appeals to teenagers and those still in high school.

Additionally, these employees enjoy flexible hours given their age, making working at KFC even more attractive to those entering the workforce.

What other types of jobs are available at KFC?

KFC has delivery driver, team leader and management positions available.

That said, starting pay rates can differ between franchises and are often proportional to experience or role.

For example, a shift manager may earn $20,308 per year, a general manager may earn $36,438 per year, and restaurant staff may earn a starting wage of $11.45 per hour.

Additionally, cashiers have the lowest starting pay rate at $8.31 per hour and are most often made up of the youngest members of the team, typically high school teenagers.

What are the requirements for a management position at KFC?

What are the requirements for a management position at KFC?

Team members and managers offer higher pay rates but require a little more than entry-level poisons.

Team members, for example, must be open, friendly and at least 16 years old.

Alternatively, the shift, assistant and general managers must be a little older, at least 18 years old, and have their own car (not public transport).

Additionally, potential managers must possess the ability to lead and be open to learning or have experience running a restaurant.

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What type of benefits does KFC currently offer to employees?

In addition to free meals, KFC offers employees health insurance (dental and vision), paid time off, a retirement plan, and flexible hours.

However, the caveat here is that these benefits often apply to senior executives, not food staff employees.

Still, KFC currently offers tuition assistance to lower- and upper-level employees who aspire to pursue higher education.

That said, there are several different funds for different positions within the company that can meet various needs.

Does KFC offer flexible hours?

The flexibility of KFC shift scheduling can often depend on the needs of the store.

For example, if a store has enough night workers but not enough day workers, new hires will likely be scheduled more during the day.

As mentioned earlier, when planning for teenagers, their education is something that the planner takes into account.

Additionally, teenagers cannot work overtime, so any teenager who is asked to do so can report such abuse to the appropriate labor boards.

Does KFC offer work breaks?

All businesses are required to allow 30-minute work breaks by law, KFC included.

Therefore, companies that refuse to comply with these laws may be subject to sanctions, so employees have recourse if abuse occurs.

Additionally, the official position is that KFC provides breaks for full-time employees with special attention to minors, who must be given 30-minute meal breaks.

Additionally, miners receive 15-minute breaks during an eight-hour workday.

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Will KFC offer a $15 minimum pay rate in the future?

Workers across America are fighting for the right to get a living wage that could start at $15.00 minimum.

Fight for $15, the movement that seeks to make $15.00 an hour a national starting wage base rate, is looking to fast food restaurants like KFC to make this change.

Will KFC offer a living wage of $15 an hour to its employees to stay competitive?

Competitors like Starbucks, Chipotle and many others are already making this shift and will overtake KFC if it doesn’t adapt with the times.

How to apply for a job at KFC?

Interested potential employees can apply for a job at KFC online or onsite. To apply online, you can visit the official KFC website at www.kfc.com/careers.

To apply in person, simply visit the franchise you would most like to work with.

Also make sure you have a CV in hand and reveal any relevant work experience to the hiring manager to increase your chances.

If you want to know more, you can also check out our articles on the age at which KFC is hiring, KFC complaints in the UK and KFC complaints in Australia.


KFC pays its employees on a weekly, biweekly, or fortnightly schedule.

That said, how the salary scale and frequency is not structured often depends on what the franchise owner wants and the payroll company they are working with.

Additionally, many KFC franchises are offering raises; however, size and frequency correlate with position held at KFC.

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