Burger King Brazil is causing a sensation by introducing an innovative service within its mobile application: a hangover detector offering attractive discounts on Whoppers.

Discover the “Hangover Whopper” and its Hangover Detector
Discover the “Hangover Whopper” and its Hangover Detector

The “Hangover Whopper”: When Technology Meets Humor

The aftermath of a drunken evening can be tricky, and Burger King Brazil wants to transform this experience. Thanks to a new option in its official application, customers can now assess their hangover level (1, 2 or 3) using facial recognition. Although the precise criteria for this evaluation remain confidential, its use is simple: a simple selfie allows you to determine the degree of hangover.

Depending on the result, the app generates discount vouchers, varying in value, for orders of Whopper, Whopper Double or Whopper Jr. Double. Additionally, the customer will receive an ideal menu size recommendation to get back on their feet.

The “Hangover Whopper” concept was conceived by creative agency DM9, whose communications director and co-president says “the use of facial recognition technology combined with humor will create a fun new connection with consumers « .

Controversies and Criticisms

However, this advertising campaign has not escaped external criticism. Some say it appears to encourage alcohol consumption by presenting it as beneficial, while providing the brand with a free way to collect data on its customers. The push to share selfies on social media also raises ethical concerns.

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Limitations of the “Hangover Whopper”

Although this innovation has generated excitement in Brazil, it is unlikely that Burger King’s hangover detector will cross the country’s borders. In France, the Evin Law restricts promotional campaigns related to alcohol, making the introduction of such a service unlikely. Burger King fans in France will therefore have to settle for traditional methods or pay full price for their burgers.

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