The Starbucks brand goes way beyond coffee and has been available in grocery stores and online for years now.

And if you’ve never ground your own Starbucks espresso beans at home, you’re missing out. The sheer freshness is enough to get you hooked.

Not sure where to start or what beans to pick? Consider these five best Starbucks espresso beans that you must try first; they are all fan favorites and sure to please.

5 Best Starbucks Espresso Beans You Must Try

5. Starbucks Espresso Roast

The epitome of Starbucks espresso roasting, the crafting of this whole bean coffee has not changed since its inception in 1975.

With notes of rich molasses and caramel, the beans in this roast come from the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America and are 100% Arabica.

It can be used in a coffee maker, French press, using the pour-over method, and even the Moka pot, for the strongest brew.

A Starbucks Espresso Roast reviewer on Amazon says, “This roast is a staple for my daily espresso. I’ve tried dozens of different roasts, and this is one of the best.

“Rich notes, strong flavor and caffeine have me ordering this week. One of my favorite dark roasts for espresso and drip coffee! »

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4. Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast

For a lighter but still complex flavor, there’s Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast, a whole bean coffee originating from Latin America.

Starbucks At Home describes it as « boldly mellow » and says the bean blend « has been carefully roasted to extract smooth, vibrant notes. »

This lighter-bodied coffee pairs wonderfully with milk and is delicious served hot, but the sweetness really shines when brewed cold.

3. Starbucks Café Verona Dark Roast

Starbucks Coffee Verona Dark Roast

From experience, this Starbucks Café Verona Dark Roast is the ideal bean for coffee drinkers who love mochas.

The dark roast was originally made specifically for a Seattle restaurant, and it was called Jake’s Blend.

When Starbucks coffee shops started selling it, it was known as 80/20 Blend, but it eventually became known as Verona, after the Italian city (and setting of Romeo and Juliet).

Its beans come from both Asia Pacific and Latin America and are, like all Starbucks beans, 100% Arabica.

The flavor is subtly sweet with significant cocoa notes; like I said, if you love your mochas (but don’t like all the calories), this coffee is a great substitute.

It’s full-bodied and robust and tastes great with a little sugar and cream.

Reviewers on the Amazon product page agree; one said: “It doesn’t get any better!” I love this coffee. It has absolutely incredible flavor.

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“My coffee is one of the greatest pleasures of my life…and I can’t recommend it enough. »

2. Starbucks Komodo Dragon

Named after the giant monitor lizards that are native to the same country as the beans that make up Komodo Dragon coffee – Indonesia – this dark roast is strong and rich.

The beans are imbued with an earthy, almost herbaceous aroma, with a “lingering spice”; In short, these coffee beans are complex, making them not recommended for the faint of heart.

Stay Roasted says, “The Komodo Dragon blend has an interesting taste and has a rather fiery taste” and “You may be able to detect notes of cedar spices and herbs.” »

On Amazon’s product page, one reviewer writes, “I love the rich, full body flavor. A nice cup of Joe to start my morning.

Another says: “My boyfriend and I have had a lot of trouble in the past trying to find a coffee we both like black…

“…We’ve tasted a bunch of coffees and we love this coffee. It has a very nutty taste. There is no sour acidity at all. This coffee has definitely become our go-to…”

1. Starbucks Italian Roast

Take the Starbucks Espresso Roast and go a little deeper – it was the skill and precision of Starbucks’ expert roasters in creating the Starbucks Italian Roast.

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It’s full-bodied and bold, with beans sourced from Asia Pacific and Latin America combined to create this roast coffee.

Although it’s darker than Espresso coffee, it doesn’t have the smoky flavor of French roast, and there are notes of caramelized sugar inside.

It’s a surprising sweetness from such a black coffee, and it’s complemented beautifully when paired with milk or cream and sugar.

To learn more, you can also read our articles on Starbucks Sweet Cream, Starbucks Medicine Ball and Starbucks Cold Foam.


Starbucks has long been people’s go-to place for coffee when they’re on the go, but now you can bring all the goodness of the beans home – all you need is a coffee grinder.

These five coffees represent the best of Starbucks espresso beans, whether light and sweet or dark and roasted; there is bound to be a blend that will suit your tastes.

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