Matcha is the new hot tea, and it’s no wonder: From Japan, matcha powder is packed with EGCG – that’s epigallocatechin gallate – which is believed to fight cancer.

It has also been linked to many benefits, including preventing heart disease, weight loss, and preventing type 2 diabetes. And, Starbucks offers its own matcha powder.

So, what are the 11 best matcha drinks you must try at Starbucks? I’m so glad you asked, because I have the list right below.

11 Best Starbucks Matcha Drinks You Must Try

11. Matcha tea latte

If this is your first time trying matcha, you may want to avoid this drink, as there is nothing to « hide » the matcha flavor.

But if you’re already a matcha fan, consider ordering the very basic – but essential – Matcha Tea Latte from Starbucks.

For a Grande, it’s three scoops of matcha powder, plus the milk of your choice, which is steamed and topped with milk foam.

The result is a slightly creamy and warm matcha-y, a “luxury latte drinking session,” according to Fresh Coffeehouse.

10. Frozen Matcha Lemonade

Now for those who need some matcha relief, there’s Matcha Frozen Lemonade.

It takes matcha green tea and mixes it with sweet but tangy lemonade, making a cold lemony drink with subtle herbaceous notes from matcha.

Now, this is an ideal drink for someone who wants a cold treat, who loves matcha and all its goodness, and who wants a zing of caffeine to help them get through their day.

9. Pineapple Matcha Frozen Drink

Another good drink for those who aren’t entirely sold on the taste of matcha, the Iced Pineapple Matcha Drink has a solid tropical flavor.

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It combines coconut milk, matcha powder, pineapple ginger syrup and ice, for a slightly creamy, slightly fruity, slightly matcha drink.

In most areas, the Iced Pineapple Matcha drink is currently discontinued, but if your area still has the syrup — or if Starbucks decides to bring it back — it’s a great thing to try.

8. Matcha Cream Frappuccino

Normally, Cream Frappuccinos are caffeine-free, but since this one contains matcha powder, it is caffeinated (70 mg of caffeine, to be exact, in a Grande).

It includes matcha powder, milk of your choice (whole is standard), Frappuccino cream syrup, ice, and whipped cream.

It’s so sweet and this color – the green of the matcha powder is tempered by the milk to a perfectly minty shade.

7. Iced matcha tea latte

If it’s a hot summer day and you’re craving a matcha fix, chances are the hot matcha tea latte won’t do you any favors.

So instead, ice it. The Iced Matcha Tea Latte contains all the same ingredients as regular tea – matcha powder, milk of your choice – but no heat, with the inclusion of ice.

It’s a surprisingly refreshing drink with a bit of caffeine, so it’s the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up on a sunny day.

6. Matcha pink drink

Pink Matcha Drink

At least at first, the colors of this off-menu Starbucks drink are bright and eye-catching.

To order, you’ll get the Pink Drink, which is now on the menu and includes coconut milk, a Strawberry Acai Refresher base, and freeze-dried strawberries.

Then you ask the barista to either put a layer of matcha powder and coconut milk on top or bottom.

While the two components of the drink remain separate, the drink looks breathtaking. Once they merge, it’s a little cloudier from there, but no less flavorful.

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The strawberry flavor is complemented by the earthy, grassy side of matcha, making you feel like you’re in a strawberry field.

5. Matcha with green tea

For those who enjoy the pure taste of matcha, there is matcha green tea.

Simply put, it’s matcha powder and water – no milk, no additives, no nothing. You can get it over ice if you want it cold.

Starbucks matcha powder is a little different than what you might buy at a health food store or online.

It’s actually an amalgamation of matcha and sugar, so you can’t get matcha drinks without sugar.

It is dispensed from the spoon, then vigorously shaken or mixed to mix it with the drink.

For matcha green tea, you can bet that the water and matcha powder are shaken well to completely dissolve the powder.

4. Green drink

Leave it to Starbucks fans to come up with a “secret menu” matcha drink, otherwise known as the Green Drink.

To order, you’ll ask for an iced black tea, with two (or three) scoops of matcha powder, plus coconut milk.

The result is a creamy herbal concoction that will also contain enough caffeine to keep you going when the day gets tough.

3. Cha Cha Latte

Chai and matcha? Together?

That’s the base of this Cha Cha Latte, a drink its fans swear by.

It’s a Matcha Green Tea Latte, but with chai syrup instead of the classic one. Ask for one pump of Chai syrup for a Tall, two for a Grande and three for a Venti.

The spicy flavor of Chai perfectly offsets and warms the herbaceousness of matcha, making it a memorable drink.

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2. Raspberry Iced Matcha Latte

From a matcha fan on Reddit comes this twist on a Matcha Latte.

They said: “One of my favorite cold drinks is an iced matcha latte with coconut milk and raspberry (instead of the classic). »

They recommend two or four pumps of raspberry syrup, « depending on how sweet you like it, » plus an extra spoonful of matcha powder, « because I like a strong tea flavor. »

Sounds good, right? Try it the next time you’re craving matcha.

1. Pow Peppermint Frappuccino

Another secret menu offering is the Peppermint Pow Frappuccino, which gives you a healthy dose of minty sweetness.

To order it, you’ll ask for a Vanilla Frappuccino, with matcha balls (the number varies depending on the size of the drink and your preferences) and pumps of peppermint syrup.

The result is like a mint milkshake, but with matcha green tea adding an extra dimension of flavor, sweet but herbaceous.

And if you want to take it to the next level, ask for whipped cream on top.

To learn more, you can also read our articles on whether Starbucks makes Bulletproof coffee, whether Starbucks has bagels, and how Starbucks makes cold foam.


Matcha is known for its health benefits, from being linked to cancer prevention to being good for heart health.

Starbucks offers four basic matcha drinks, but thanks to the inventiveness of its loyal fans and followers — and its own customizations — you can try one of these 11 best matcha drinks at Starbucks and leave happy.

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